There are 9 rins (Debts) according to Lal Kitab. These Rins are Pitri (Ancestors) Rin, Sav (Self) Rin, Matri (Mother) Rin Pariwarik (Family) Rin Istri (Opposite Sex) Rin Kanya Behan (Sister and Daughter) Rin Nerday (Cruelity) Rin Ajanma(Before Birth) Rin Ishwaria (God) Rin. These Rin or debts different sphere of life and create great hurdles. Inspite of different remedies no results are obtained. All efforts go in vain. If some one has any of there rins then he will not get success related to that planet which is causing rin. Pitri rin gives sudden loss in business and loss in stock, shares and speculation business. Sav rin gives poor health, mother rin gives less savings and creates hurdles in education, pariwarik rin creates hurdles in marriage, issues and those items which increase family or family members. Istri rin gives loss in business, delay in marriage and bitter relations with spouse, if loan from any bank is obtained then inability to repay it. Kanya behan rin effects married life of sister or daughter and effect trading business or consultation business. Nirdey rin gives less money for your efforts made, creates hurdles in promotion in business or service or profession. Ajanma rin gives sudden losses in business and disputes with inlaws and police cases. Ishwaria rin gives less comforts from childrens specially from male child. Wearing of rin kawatch and performing remedies for rins are essential to get success in life otherwise all astrological and vastu remedies becomes use less and ineffective. Before performing other lalkitab or asrological remedies,Must find out your rin and wear rin kawatch for that rin and perfom remedies for that rin (debt) to get smooth sailing in life.